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Chris giving Reiki treatment

Chris giving Reiki treatment.

I have been on a spiritual/healing path since 2010 and teaching since 2013. I’ve always had an interest in the paranormal and metaphysical. I was guided to pursue learning about the healing arts and spiritualism when organized religion no longer resonated with me. I pull upon precepts from Christianity, Shamanism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Gnosticism, New Age and many other faiths in my work. I also enjoy paranormal investigating and often use my skills to help my team and wayward spirits transition.

I work with several modalites including Reiki, Archangelic Light, Trinity Energy Progression™, Shamanic Healing and the loving subtle energy of Crystals. I am an Ordained Priest in The Order of Melchizedek, a Shamanic Practitioner and a full Mesa holder in the Inca tradition. I continue to thirst for knowledge, adding tools to my spiritual “tool box” as I continue to on my path.

It is my honor and privilege to be able to share these wonderful energies to facilitate healing in others. I do so with the intention to provide these energies for the highest and best good for the mind, body and spirit for those who seek it.

I look forward to working with you.

Love and light,
– Chris Keith

All classes and events are held in a secure and comforting environment at my Townhouse in Durham, NC.

Healing Room



Reiki - First Degree

Reiki 1 Certificate

Reiki - Second Degree

Reiki 2 Certificate

Reiki - Master-Teacher

Reiki Master-Teacher Certificate


  • Dr. Mikao Usui
    • Dr. Chujiro Hyashi
      • Mrs. Hawayo Takata

Master students of Mrs. Takata: George Araki, Dorothy Baba, Ursula Baylow, Rick Bockner, Patricia Bowling Ewing, Barbara Brown, Fran Brown, Phyllis Furumoto, Beth Gray*, John Gray, Iris Ishikuro*, Harry Kuboi, Ethel Lombardi, Barbara McCullough, Mary McFadyn, Paul Mitchell, Bethel Phaigh, Shinobu Saito, Virgina Samdahl*, Wanja Twan, Barbara Webber Ray, and Kay Yamashita.

Mary Mooney* learned her First Degree from Virginia Samdahl*, her Second Degree from John Jewell, and her Third Degree from Rev. Karen Cameron, a student of Beth Gray* & Iris Ishikuro*. Vickie Penninger, received her First, Second, and Third degree Reiki teachings from Mary Mooney*. Kevin Brown received his First , Second and Third degree Reiki teachings from Vickie Penninger. Christopher Keith received his First and Second degree Reiki teachings from Kevin Brown and his Master/Teacher degree Reiki teachings from Vickie Penninger.

*Archangelic Light Practitioner

ARL Practitioner

*Previously called Arcing Radial Light© Practitioner

*Archangelic Light Master Practitioner

ARL Teacher

*Previously called Arcing Radial Light© Teacher


  • Lorna Malmberg
    • Kathy Russell
      • Laura Dunham
        • Vickie Penninger
          • Christopher Keith

Trinity Energy Progression™ Practitioner

Trinity Energy Certificate


  • Angela Coulter
    • Christopher Keith

Crystal Energy Therapy

Crystal Energy Therapy Certificate

Energetic Cord Cutting

Energetic Cord Cutting Certificate

Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression Certificate

Munay-Ki - Rites of the Ancient Inkan Shamans

Teacher: Vickie Penninger,Shamanic Practitioner and Mesa Holder in the Inkan Tradition

I learned and received the 9 energetic rites of the Munay-Ki on September 16-18, 2011 from Vickie Penninger. This experience was very powerful and emotional as it shifted me in high gear on my spiritual/healing path. The energy was amazing. I look forward to gifting these rites to whomever wants to evolve to the next level on their healing/spiritual path. I will also offer classes which will include gifting and learning how to give these rites to others. See my classes/events page for more information.

Ordained Priest in The Order of Melchizedek

The Order of MelchizedekThe Order of the Melchizedek is a priesthood of individuals committed to teach and/or heal the Human Condition as it emerges into the age of Aquarius. Because we do not discriminate, everyone is welcomed. There is no bias with regard to race, age, gender, or sexual persuasion. Many of the world’s religions are represented. We are not a religion, but a service order. There are over 17,000 priests internationally.

Certified Shamanic Practitioner

Shamanic Practitioner Certificate Shamanic Practitioner and Mesa Holder in the Inka Tradition




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