Archangelic Light Master Practitioner

Archangelic Light of the Divine FeminineArchangelic Light (AL) is a connection with the Archangelic realm.  The energy spirals in and throughout the field and is often experienced as a colorful energy.  This class builds upon what you have learned in the practitioner class.

In this class you will receive:

  • A geometric, high vibration light code grid through a dimensional overlay on the right arm. These light codes will enable you to pass on the light codes to others. This means that you will be empowered to enable others to receive this energetic vibration at both the practitioner and master practitioner levels.
  • A deeper experience of Archangelic Light.
  • A review Archangelic Light Practitioner Training.
  • The attunement ritual in which the Practitioner and Master Practitioner intentions are strengthened will be demonstrated and explained.
  • Further study the Avatars of the Energy of the Divine Feminine.
  • Instruction on crystals and gemstones used to enhance AL including specific grids to incorporate while doing the work.
  • Instruction and participate in a meditation to honor the Divine Masculine within us all.
  • Instruction and practice enabling the transition of Earthbounds and Waywards.
  • Ample practice time in class and a certificate of completion.

In this class, you will present your case studies. (Please be prepared to discuss 2 case studies—see your practitioner manual for examples. These do not need to be written but, rather, can be a verbal sharing of your experience).

TBD – 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Archangelic Light Master Practitioner training is a transformational experience and is beneficial even if you have no plans to teach others this modality.

Energy exchange for this class: $280.00
Payment plans available. One-on-one instruction is available.


Prerequisite: Archangelic Light Practitioner training.

Light refreshments included.

All classes and events are held in a secure and comforting environment at my Townhouse in Durham, NC.