Archangelic Light Practitioner

Archangelic Light of the Divine FeminineArchangelic Light (AL) is a connection with the Archangelic realm.  The energy spirals in and throughout the field and is often experienced as a colorful energy.

  • AL is associated with the divine feminine energies of beings of Light such as Mother Mary, Mother Meera, and Kwan Yin.
  • AL is a beautiful, loving, high vibration field of energy that works powerfully yet gently on the subtle energy systems of the body, helping to promote wellness and wholeness.
  • AL can remove energy blockages, release stress, and recharge and rebalance energy fields.
  • Contributing to healing at all levels, it is especially effective because it works on core energy at the cellular level and supports positive shifts in consciousness and behavior.
  • I have noticed that many practitioners have developed an increase in psychic awareness and ability after becoming attuned to this powerful, yet gentle energy.

In this class you will receive:

  • A geometric, high vibration light code grid through a dimensional overlay on the left arm.
  • Instruction on hand positions/protocol on table and chair.
  • Instruction on how to anchor the energy.
  • Ample practice time in class.
  • A manual and certificate of completion.

TBA – 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
TBA – 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Must attend both days to receive certificate.

Energy exchange for this class: $250.00
Payment plans available. One-on-one instruction is available.


I encourage men to learn this energy.  The energy has nothing to do with gender.  This energy brings in a high vibration and we need men to help us bring about re-balancing of the Masculine and the Feminine.

There is a definitely different feel and vibration with Archangelic Light, than with Reiki.

Prerequisite: None.

Light refreshments included.

All classes and events are held in a secure and comforting environment at my Townhouse in Durham, NC.