Reiki Master

Dr. Mikao Usui - Reiki MasterReiki Master builds upon what you learned in Reiki First and Second Degree class.  You will receive 2 Reiki Master attunements and learn the knowledge and use of the Reiki Master power symbol among other elements.

In this Reiki Master class, you will receive:

  • TWO Master Degree ATTUNEMENTS
  • Review of First and Second Degree curriculum
  • Learn the MASTER SYMBOL
  • Learn how to give a Master level treatment both in person and over long distance
  • Ample practice time using the Master symbol
  • A technique to increase energy
  • A Study Manual, Practice Time, Certificate of Completion Awarded

TBD – 10:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Energy exchange for this class: $350.00
Payment plans available. One-on-one instruction is available.


Prerequisite: Reiki First & Second Degree.

Light refreshments included.

All classes and events are held in a secure and comforting environment at my Townhouse in Durham, NC.