Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life RegressionDo new thoughts seem to come from nowhere but you have full knowledge of their ramifications as if you have “been there, done that?” Do you ever have a sense of de ja vu when entering a place you’ve “never been before?” Do you have unexplained challenges, fears or obstacles affecting your health, decisions or behaviors? There may be conscious or unconscious patterns which create conflict in your current reality, keeping you from reaching your highest potential. If so, you may be experiencing a “past life memory” or parallel universe bleed-over. Past life regression may help you to explore this possibility, bringing understanding and clarity of yourself.

All time is concurrent and we are experiencing many lives at the same time. “Past Life” Regression allows you to tap into one or more of these lives in a secure and safe environment and to bring into your current reality information beneficial to you.

I have learned a technique which will help me guide you to access this information.  Expect this session to last anywhere from one to two hours.