House Clearings & Spirit Detachment

The Nightmare by John Henry FuseliDo you feel a heavy pressure when you walk into your house?  Do you feel fatigued all the time without a medical explanation?  Chances are you could have an spiritual attachment to either your house, object or yourself.

Where we live or work absorbs the energy of events that have transpired there.  Also, I have found that spirit energy can attach to either dwellings, objects or people. Spirit energy may be present that can disrupt or cause discomfort of those affected. Cleansing and blessing of the property can release this negativity and restore balance and healing.

I will use a combination of rituals to cleanse the property. If spirit energy is attached to a person, I may use a combination of healing modalities to gently remove that energy and help it transition with forgiveness, love, grace and ease.

Time to accomplish this will vary depending on the situation.