Trinity Energy Progression™

Trinity Energy ProgressionTrinity Energy Progression is a way to open the channels to and access our Christ Consciousness within – our connection as part of the Oneness/Divinity, which we ALL have – and heal ourselves from the deepest depths, from the inside out. When I do Trinity with you, I ‘plug’ into your auric field and act as a battery booster – I meld with you energetically, become you, and then we ‘turn up your light’ from within, melting away whatever doesn’t serve you in the Highest and Best way in regards to your intention.

It’s different from other energetic modalities like Reiki because there is no perception of pulling the energy from ‘somewhere else’… and that is only part of the spectrum. This provides access to ALL of it – the full spectrum – because it is the doorway within us to access ALL within the Oneness; instead of pulling it from ‘out there,’ in using this energy, we’re getting it all from within… which makes it all the more powerful.”

A Trinity Energy Progression session is very quick and can last 15 to 30 minutes depending on how I’m guided.  Plan for a full hour for discussion at the beginning and end of the session.

Trinity Energy Progression is a trademark of Trinity Energy Progression, LLC/Angela Coulter.