Mary P.

Posted By Chris on Sep 12, 2013 |

When I took your Reiki II class, I was ecstatic…the attunements were a “success”. I have practiced Reiki on myself multiple times since that enlightening Saturday. For the last three weeks, the heat (energy) in my hands seems to turn off and on whenever I deem it necessary. My hands would turn on whenever I placed them either on myself or someone else with the intent to heal.

The three symbols I received in your Reiki II class have increased my ability to channel the Reiki energy and for that I am very appreciative and thankful. I am experiencing a bit of emotional clearing and at the same time, emotional rewiring.

The symbols worked especially well since my three year old daughter came down with “the croup” the past four days and I was performing Reiki on her high fever, chest, and throat areas. They helped to break her fever.

I must tell you that I have been in better health and feel vibrant and energized since taking Reiki II with you.

Thank you for sharing your learning, thoughts, insights, and gifts with me on my journey. I love your class. I have learned so much from you. I am not sure where this will lead or the extent/manifestations of the attunements, but something is changing and I was on my way-continuing my journey.

I love your energy and I am so grateful that I was led to you as my teacher 🙂 It is an amazing path…thank you and blessings!

Mary P – Durham, NC